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Raniji ki Baori

The largest stepwell in Bundi

The town of Bundi is renowned for its baoris, or stepwells. Raniji ki Baori (Queen's stepwell) is the largest among the over 50 baoris that dot the town. Baoris were commissioned by the ruling royalty to take care of water needs during the months of drought. This baori was constructed in 1699 by Rani Nathavati Ji, the younger queen of the ruling Maharao Raja Anirudh Singh of Bundi. 46 metre deep, this stepped well is a multi-storeyed structure decorated with brilliantly-carved pillars and a high-arched gate. Each floor has dedicated places of worship for the people to pay homage. One can enter the baori through a narrow doorway marked by four pillars. Lifelike elephant statues made of stone guard the corners. The baori is a medieval marvel of construction and design. Baoris also worked as social assembly areas in those times since local townsfolk gathered here often.

How to reach here

One can take a local bus to the baori, or hire a rickshaw or taxi from anywhere in the city.

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